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Question>Did the 65 327 4v come either way- snorkel air cleaner - non snorkel??? I'm asking because I'm buying a 327 Marlin with a snorkel cleaner. Seller says it's 4v??? 

answer : yes seen them both ways

Question>I have a 66 Rambler with a 287, would you happen to know who manufactured that engine? Chevy, Pontiac, AMC, Chrysler?
We are having some confecting parts on the engine. It is definitely a 287 though. Any help would be greatly appreciated

answer :  Rambler AMC built there own engines , other manufactures use them .

Question>I have a 65 Marlin number V.I.N.  xxxxx8xx and heard that I can put later model disks on it.
I have the factory power disks on it but I cant find new calipers and rotors.
Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated 

answer :There are vendors now who are rebuilding the units I have seen them posted on the Marlin Club web site . And to convert your car check my web site  .

Question>What is the firing order on AMC V8 engines i.e. 287 327 290 343

answer : This is listed on my web site also with pictures also the 232 six

Question>What type of transmission fluid do I use in my automatic .

answer : Dextron type 3 is acceptable to use in the older AMC and Ramblers also in the power steering .

Question>Does my automatic trans need to be tuned up .

answer :Yes I won't go into detail but the pan needs to be removed there are two adjustment to the bands . Need to be adjusted for 1/4 inch movement . One external the other is inside the trans . Don't loose the washer in the fill tube . Gasket from parts store Ford FMX in the late 60's early 70's ..

Question>My started is making funny noise . It was just worked on . What's wrong didn't make any noise before?

answer : The starter is held on with two special bolts, these bolts have a shoulder on them to center the starter . If replace with a stander bolt could be to far from fly wheel or to close .

Question>My mechanic can't find me a starter what can I do ?

answer :Use a rebuild one for a Chevy. in the seventy full size car with a V8 automatic . Have the mechanic use your old nose piece from your old starter on the rebuilt one . Also you can replace the solenoid with a GM same as the Chevy V8 in the seventy's .

Question>My car starts ok , but when I let go of the key dies . Where do I look for the problem.

answer : On right inner fender towards the fire wall is a step down resistor about 3 inches long this is probably what's bad have it replaced. Can use the type used on Chryslers form the 70's .

Question>My gas gage doesn't work , I was driving down the road hit big bump now nothing ?

answer : First check the fuse .If ok have your mechanic remove the wire running to the tank install a test light at end of wire if light blinks on and off the sending unit in the tank is bad . (turn the key to run ) to do this test. If no light blinking check wire from dash to tank for breaks if ok the temp sending unit has a voltage regulator built into it will need to be replace . Back to the tank if the light did blink .Remove the sending unit. In the tank the sending unit has a float there is a thin piece of metal with a small gob of solder on it . I bet the solder has fallen off . Easy repair , but need to remove the tank. What you need is solder passé and some solder . Where this is located under a sheet metal cover bend the two tabs back might be three tabs . You'll see what I'm talking about . The solder is about 1/16 high ...

Question>Where do I go to get tune up parts .

answer : V8 or 6 cyl  Any good parts store .Are the same as  GM's 1965 through 1971 . Every thing cap, rotor, points and wires . Wires V8  use Corvette early 60's . 6 cyl wires amc in the 70's also Jeep . Don't use wires from electronic ign, cars. I won't go into what spark plugs to use but check the length of the plug against you old ones . Some parts books are wrong at the auto parts store. This is a fast way to destroy your engine and put holes in your pistons.

Question> My brake work ok if the car has set over night . But after a couple stops start to pull .Sometime left , and my other car does the same thing but pulls to the right  why?

answer : Replace brake hoses , but do check all other components for operation . The brake hose are always forgotten  the rubber inside the hoses flakes off . When release the rubber act like a check valve . The bleed off after sitting several hours ..

Question>My lights work ok some times but seem to stop working in the rear . I replaced the bulbs still nothing . Where do I look.


Answer :All Ramblers and AMC have this problem more often in northern part of the country . And all of Canada . There are two wire harness in these cars the front seems to never have a problem . But the rear does , doesn't matter if you got a American or a AMX . Remove left kick panel inside the sheet metal at bottom you'll find a plug probably also find mud sand dirt and in the winter salt . What happens is the plug get corroded looses contact  no lights or gas gage . Cut wire from plug install a jumper . Been doing this for over thirty years always the same thing.

Question> My 232 six gets oil in the air cleaner why ?

Answer :Could be bad PCV valve , replace it clean inside of the air filter housing .

Question>My door on the drivers side needs to be replaced . It's on a Marlin 1966 . What else will work ?

Answer : You can use Ambassador 1965 and 1966 doors from hardtop or from a convertible . Also any of the window hardware i.e. : door lock, hinges, window regulators, vent windows vent rubber .

Question> I was hit in front end on my Marlin I need sheet metal fenders hood grill what will work.

Answer: That's bad to here , you didn't tell me the year? If it's a 65 or 66 you can use classic fenders if used on 66 the headlight mounting sheet medal is different ,and  the hood on the 66 doesn't say Rambler on it so try and find the hood from a 66 Classic. The grills are not the same on the 65 and 66 , the classic will work on the 65 but the 66 must be from a 66 classic you can't mix parts here . The 66 grill mounting tabs are moved back you will need to drill new holes to mount the grill .But you can put a 66 grill into a 65  or vise versa . The 67 Marlin uses Ambassador parts.

Question>I need dash chrome on my 65 is the Ambassador the same ?

Answer: Yes and no all the chrome pieces are the same , but instrument housing with gages and speedometer are color silver. The marlin uses black face gages and there is a crown piece on center of each piece glass about 1/2" in diameter and about 3/4" long with a taper on it. One other item different the cover on the key switch has a black band on it  the Ambassador doesn't. Radios from 65 and 66  Ambassador are interchangeable .

Question>I bent my rim on my 65 , where can I find one that will work?

Answer :Any AMC car with disk brakes on it will work . This is for steel wheels only. In a pinch can use Ford And Chrysler. Make sure they are deep enough for the calipers .

Question>I was in my car with the interior light on but they blink on and off what's up?

Answer :The light bulbs have mushroom out the lead on the contact. Replace the bulbs , if you still have the same problem probably the springs under the contact have gotten weak . You can replace the inner parts. Parts store carry the repair parts as a kit . Easer thing to try is add a little solder to the contact on the bulbs . This also happens on brake light and parking light .It isn't the ground .

Question>I'm restoring a marlin. and was wondering what the stickers on the air cleaner and valve covers look like and. if you know of anybody that reproduces them.

Answer :Yes check my web pages for pictures and locations of decals . Some of the decals can be found at swap meets . But your best bet is the Rambler Club . They have a catalog full of decals.

Question>I'm hearing noise from under my valve cover. Ho I'd didn't tell you it a V8. What should I do .

Answer :If this just started your in luck . Remove the valve cover form the side that is making noise. More than likely the rocker shaft is dry looking. The oiling for this shaft comes from the cam shaft bearing . One of the hold down bolts is hollow, oil comes through bolt. The bolt should be third bolt from the from the front . Remove this bolt and clean it . Next straighten out a coat hanger and put in the hole where bolt came from turn this around in hole a few times. Remove all the spark plugs . Remove coil wire turn ignition key to start have someone watch for oil to start to flow from hole . If all went well reinstall the bolt, install all the plugs and coil wire. Start the engine and see if oil starts to flow . This should only take a short time . If no oil shows the rocker shaft will haft to be remove disassemble and cleaned. Here is a picture of the head and which bolt to remove, , HEAD


Answer :Your Marlin probably left the assembly plant all white. It was common for Dealers to add paint and other option after the car was delivered to the dealer ship. I worked at several of them and this was a stander practice . If you lift the chrome up under the chrome there should be white, if not some probably painted it that way and just masked it off.

Question>How do you remove the emblems

Answer : On the fenders they have pins that hold them on . The easy way to find the pins is to use a thin knife with a then blade. Once found rock the knife back and forth. After this has been preformed use a flat blade screw driver .The is for 65 and 66 Marlin not for the hood emblem. This has a sheet metal nut plus push pin.

Question>How do you tell a 65 from a 66 Marlin

Answer 1  : The 65 hood and under the trunk lid spells RAMBLER. The head light covers are stamped aluminum covers one per headlight. The grill has several horizon lines. Inside of car left side of dash has headlight switch and blower switch, right side of dash  has map light and cigarette lighter.

Answer 2  : The 66 hood and trunk lid says MARLIN. Head light covers two headlights are housed in one unit. The grill is has horizon strip runs from left headlight  to right headlight. Left side of dash headlight switch and courtesy light switch , blower switch has moved to heater controls. Right side of dash cigarette lighter only.


Question>Where can I get paint that matches my wheel covers and the Marlin Emblems on the fender

Answer :The paint is NAPA Martin Senior Paints color= MS.7959 OLDS BLUE

Question>I need rear brake rubber hose no one has it! Can you help me?

Answer :Yes back in my old notes I found the answer AutoZone sells Brake Ware brand. Here are the numbers 77245 for the hose and you need adaptor 327818 this a 3/16 to 1/4 inch adaptor. Get that car back on the road!!!

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