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Question: My 327 is overheating I've replaced radiator which helped. Replaced water pump, the fan clutch was bad so I used flex fan still no change. I even had the freeze plugs remove and engine block cleaned inside. It needed the freeze plugs any why's. Replaced thermostat and gasket, and sending unit. Still running over 200 degrees oil press dropping when hot. I also have mechanical temperature gage and oil gage. Can you give me some help.

Answer : I bet your timing is off, these old engine run pretty cool the cooling system holds over five gallons of water.

(foot note)  if your fan clutch goes bad there is no NOS. replacement. Remove your water pump have the adaptor on end of pump press off turn it over and press back on. A images/waterpump.jpg (6977 bytes) Chevy 427 fan clutch will work.  Don't try to remove the adaptor from pump at home you'll destroy the pump. A Rambler 250 V8 is the same pump.  

(foot note) Radiator can be replace with newer AMC car with V8 heavy duty cooling system. You must drill four new mounting holes in radiator bracket that's  it.


Thanks Jim all it was, was the timing, oil pressure is around 45 lbs. Thanks again

Question>My Marlin hubcaps 65  the black paint is missing on several of them. What color is correct and what's the simples way to put it back on. Thanks

Answer :  The colors is semi gloss black. Buy a can of spray paint and a models paint brush spray the paint into the lid of the spray can. Should take about 45 minutes to redo one.

Question:  My weather striping above side windows it about 7 foot long. Does anybody make a cheep rubber seal that will work ?

Answer :  Yes glad you asked  a company call JC Whitney has what you need  you can find them on internet at  the part number is 73UD8864T comes in 10 foot roll. You'll need two rolls. Cost is $11.98 per roll plus shipping. Also the Quarter Glass seal is part number 89UD0248R comes in pairs at $6.95 plus shipping.

Question:  My right side mirror I've spent hours and hours never been able to see from drivers seat. HELP!!!

Answer :    Bet you tried shimming base turning head of mirror and outer chrome cover nothing works right. Well I've owned 5 Marlins 2 Ambassador same problem. Here's the fix go buy one of those mirrors used on trucks for blind spots 3 inch to 4 inch diameter attach to old mirror problem cured.

Question :  Does anyone know where I can find a battery hold down for a Marlin? either used, new, or reproduction.

Answer :   I had same problem. I found two different item that work together. At Auto part store found this welded top frame it comes with two "L" bracket you can put them any where on the frame. Next found item called "J" hooks they come in different lengths, you might need to saw of the extra length. Make sure you measure from the mounting area to top of battery for the proper length for the J- hooks. Found all this in battery section in the parts store.

Question :  I have a 65 Marlin can't find rear shocks for it can you help?

Answer :   The rear shocks from Gabriel is part number 82066 . The front are Gabriel 82077 and are the same for a 57 Chevy  Belair. Hope this helps.

Question : Seems to be a lot of slop in the shifter related to the 2 shoulder bolts that hold the shifter to the shift mechanism.

When shifter was removed to drop transmission, found 4 rubber washers under the shifter handle assembly, looked like rubber washers used on garden hoses!

Question is: aren't the shoulder bolts supposed to hold the mechanism down FIRMLY to the rest of the shifter mechanism?

What may be missing or is there a means of getting rid of the slop?? Some type of rebuild kit available??

Transmission does shift ok, just appears to be more slop than I think there should be.

Answer :   I thought you might have a 67 after I sent the note. Yes the 67 has insulators under mounting bolts first the bolt then a steel washer then the insulators. There is some movement in the shifter the insulators are there to kept vibration to a minimum.

Question : Does any one know if a 66 front windshield is interchangeable with a 65.

Answer :  Yes also 1965 1966 Classic and Ambassador Hard top and Convertible.

Question :  Does anyone make prefab floor pans for 65 marlins?

Answer :  Sorry to say no. You have to do it the old way find a Ambassador or Classic hardtop and cut it out of old car 65 and 66 are pretty much the same. You could check my vendor list and give some calls. Some do have parts cars. Jim

Question :  How often do you wash your car, and what do you use?

Answer :   When I work at the dealership the detail man showed me a trick he used 50/50 window washer fluid that it. I've been using it for years car always shine and chrome is bright and windows shine. One rage one bottle of detailer cost for one year 99 cents for all the car show and cruise inn. Inside of car pledge on dash and vinyl trim.

Question:     I have a 66 Marlin the lower section of the fenders are rusted by the wheel opening! What will work as a patch panel?

Answer :   Lower quarters are the same on the 65-66 Classic/Ambo/Marlin.

Question:  My lifters are making noise! Seen your post about oil hole on the shaft 287 327 v8, and about hollow bolt so I checked. What I found was the rockers have adjustment screw on all of them? What up is this something special? Might I have a racing engine high output motor?

Answer :  What I think you might have is a 63 or 64 V8 installed in your car. These engine had solid lifters and the cam is also different. You would have to check the id of the engine. Refer to a 63 or 64 service manual for adjustments on the rockers.

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