My Car by Jim Keller

From Junk to Jewel

        This is a story about my 65 Marlin. But I must go back a few years.  At that time we lived in Ohio in a small town called Middlefield. I had three Marlins one was show car one I was fixing up and the third was a parts car. Lifestyle changed and I sold all the cars and moved to Florida on the west coast. Well with a new job and not much money left I  started looking for another Marlin. But couldn’t find one so I settled for a different brand what a mistake. But I still had fun finding parts for it. As time moves on I found a Marlin In the Rambler Reader. But I still had this other car to get rid of. Well the owner of the Marlin Sold it to a use car lot that deals in Antique cars. It sat there outside for over a year. With the windows partly open . The inside was a total mess. Down here in Florida in the summers mounts it rains everyday for about 15 minutes or maybe could rain for 10 or 12 hours that’s the way it is here. And the temperatures are in the 90’s but inside of the cars can reach over 140 dregs. Well day after day with the rain and the heat all the chrome on the inside pitted and rusted even the headlight knob wouldn’t move. Windows won’t go up or down. The car went to several auctions but who wanted this mess. Did I mention the brakes were leaking up front and the rears didn’t work . But it started ok after you jump-started it . Didn’t charge either. Well another six mouths passed. I checked on it again this time I had the other car that I found when I first moved to Florida I was driving it around. We made a trade after they drove mine around  $1500.00 and my car for the Marlin that wasn’t going to happen. Well three hours later and Twenty dollars lighter they had my other car and I had the Marlin to drive home with my daughter was with me. Well that didn't happen either so I call for a tow truck. When I got into the car the passenger door drop down about four inches. Well I picked it up slammed it shut. The reason  I couldn't drive it home some one stole both the rear axles from under the car , it was sitting on blocks, you couldn't see it didn't have axles still had the wheel covers on it . That's why the brakes didn't work no drums it popped the wheel cylinders. I got it home $200.00 tow bill! The wife was very very mad!! Well you all must think I’m crazy by now right. ? Oh I didn’t tell you I work for Rambler for many years. I know these cars inside out.  Five years finding parts and it almost over. The only option this car doesn’t have is electric windows. I also have all the info from the day the car was purchased in Ohio New. In the trunk there were two boxes of parts and a Club paper from the Sun coast AMC club. Which I joined I was lucky enough to run into the owner of this car. He had kept several thing for maybe another Marlin, but he gave them all to me. I replaced all the steering parts and added new springs all the way around, repaired the power steering pump re-did all the brakes replaced every part inside the car down to the screws in the floor boards I have done all the work myself. Nothing has been farm out. I even reupholstered the doors my self. I have changed some things to make the car more modern the air-conditions is now 134A , electronic ignition, electronic cruise control, and electric fuel pump. Tilt wheel unit from newer AMC will bolts right in there. Problem here is the old Marlin turn signal is six wires the new one is over 12 wires but it will work and you’ll have four way flashers I had that already so do I have eight way flashers??? I also changed the wheel to a Grant wheel after market Chevy adaptor yearly 70’s will work on Rambler Column much easier to turn less the two turns lock to lock. The horn button has a rambler emblem init also. I took three vertical grill bars from a 990 Classic and removed the paint from the center section of the grill and install the vertical bars I think it looks 500 % better than the factory look. Also install a 100 watt stereo radio under the seat, but the alternator won’t put out enough to play the radio right. So I modified a Delco alternator to fit the Rambler mounting bracket and install a One wire voltage regulator inside the Delco so now I got over 64 amps charging circuit and solid state regulator. This mod will take about four five minutes to due with a dermal tool. You can buy a one wire alternator for around $85 .00 but you can buy a life time alternator for $29.00 at most all parts store and just replace the voltage regulator inside the alternator for a lot less. If you got a V8 and need perform Radiator hoses here is the AutoZone numbers you have to trim the hose to fit but they are new and less than $5. apices. Upper M-9 Lower S071. If you need brake part for the rear when you go to the parts store ask for parts for a Rebel 1969 or AMX or 1970 Gremlin , Hornet or any Amc with 10 inch Brakes maybe someone is thinking about wheel cylinders yes there the same to. About $8.00 a side the front is different tail. I just convert them because the new ones are easier to find parts and the rotor cost less than $20.00 a side. I have met a lot of people on the Internet who have helped me with parts. A good source of info is the  don’t forget the AMC Rambler Club they also have a bi monthly add release and a great Magazine called “Rambler Reader” Also but watch it here you can get burned ask question check the picture close some of this stuff is junk. There was a fellows selling marlin on there that needed a lot of things done to make real nice, but I spotted the Marlin spinners on the car ask the guy if he didn’t sell the car would he trade for a set of Rambler spinners I’ll pay the shipping. Well the car didn’t sell and I got six Marlin spinners that look great. If you don’t ask you’ll never know. Remember Classic and Ambassador parts fit these cars……Jim,



    Rambler Marlin Engine            After updated Air Condition

                2001                                   As of January  2004


     Another view 2001                           As of August 2004

65 Marlin Front

Marlin Spinner

Small Steering Wheel Full gages Amc Tach !!


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