Headlight Styles

The 1965 Marlin uses ALUMINUM housing and are the same as 1965 Rambler Classic.

There are four of them the outer ones have vertical black lines on them three screws per housing.


This is a 1965 Marlin  The Grill bars are from 770 Ambassador

The 66 Marlin uses a Casting for left and right which houses two headlights there are Two Designs. One design uses two screws per housing. Other design uses four screws per housing.

This is 1966 Classic headlight Installed on a Marlin


                   This is a 1966 Marlin Headlight Assembly


          1966 First Design                                                                                      1966 Second Design


      1966 Marlin Notice it doesn't say RAMBLER but does say MARLIN this was.
                                                    First year for AMC

In the early years you could order your car with deleted items to kept cost down here are the deleted items . radio, clock, ash tray, back up light,

                                The 65 dash two knob left of the radio one is the lighter other is map lights. The 66 only has lighter.

The 67 Marlin uses housing that is vertical this two headlights per housing. I'm not sure but look the same as Ambassador.

1967 Marlin notice No Emblem on trunk also no alcove on Quarter glass trim.

This is what the Bumper Jack should look like for a 65 and 66

This is what your Safety Belts should look like for a 65 and 66

Wheel  Cover

  65 spinner                                    65                                        66





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