Dash Removal
Radio Removal

There is only one way that is correct to remove the radio. If your car has air-condition in the top two outer ducks there are screws should be Phillips head remove them . If the car has the Marlin insert follow same steps accept first one you'll see the upper screws. Below the duck work is a chrome bezel about 3/4 " wide and is 16 1/2 " long it has three long pins holding it unto the dash . Use long thin screw driver from bottom side of the trim piece or even better than a screw driver is a butter knife. The pins are from left end 1 & 1/2 " and 9 & 1/4 " and 16 " see picture. After you remove the chrome piece you will find three sheet metal screws head are 5/16 remove all three , lift out the duck work. Remove the knobs from the radio remove the nuts on radio shaft push radio back and tilt up remove antenna lead bottom right corner . To the left side radio is the fuse holder it is connect to the ignition switch it will come apart for radio removal. This would a good time to replace the lights in the radio and clock while you got these panel out.



To serves the dash to left of the instruments above the heater control is a chrome bezel 3/4 " wide and about 3 " long these has two pins on it follow instruction above on how to remove this bezel. Above the speedometer is one Philips screw remove this above the temp gage and gas gage you will also find a screw remove this also. The wiper knob this held on with a Allen screw loosen several turns the screw has a point on the end and sits in a cut out on the shaft ok next remove the ring in the wiper switch has to notches in it turns counter clock wise to remove it. From under the dash you can't see it but you'll feel it unscrew the nut in the speedometer. This also where the turn signal flasher is located . Lift out the whole cluster then remove the plug in the center of the back of the cluster change all the lights while your there .



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