Alternator Conversion

UPDATE - January 2016,  Alternator conversion kits have been available for over 10 years, no extra work needed.  Kit plus a 73 Corvette V8 alternator from a local auto supplier should come out about $100 or less with shipping.  $56.50 for kit.

The reason to replace the alternator is when your car was new and every thing was perfect . The car would start quickly and perform ok. And no one else had a higher output alternator remember this was new technology back in 1965, 32 AMP alternators were the in thing. Now you've added an electronic ignition, newer headlights, and maybe a radio too, that 32 amp alternators isn't going to work. For less than $90.00 you'll have 65 amps.

This conversion is pretty easy. You'll need to purchase a Delco one wire alternator. Disconnect the battery, then remove all of the wires from the back of old alternator. Tape all wires back into the wire harness, except the big red wire, this is the only wire you are going to use. Remove the old alternator and save in case you want to restore your car back to original condition.

Next measure your old alternator mounting bracket. You are going to cut the excess material off of the new alternator bracket from the back side only. You do this so the fan belt will line up correctly.

You probably will have to replace the fan belt. I also replaced my alternator adjusting arm, I used a chrome one. It was too long, I figured where I needed to saw the length and drill new mounting hole through the bracket. Most part stores sell the replacement chrome alternator bracket, this will be in a curve and about 14 inch's long and 1 " wide.

I have performed this conversion on several older Ramblers with 287's or 327's, three gremlins with 232 engines and one Matador which had a 304 engine. I can't say for sure if this will work on all AMC's. I have taken a couple pictures as to where to remove the material. If you check my engine bay out, you will see I'm using a chrome plated GM case on my car.


The area with the arrows is where to remove the material

     After four years still working 

Hasn't cracked at mounting point

This looks like a lot of material to remove, but when you get started you will find that the casting is hollow, once you start removing the material. It should take about ten minutes with a cut off wheel. You got a Dermal? That's all you need and a cut off wheel.

 Ok now you've read my article and you are ready to try this out . Now you have to find the alternator most all speed shops (IE) hot rod shops will have this. I used one from a Chevy mid 70's full sizes car. If  there isn't any shops near you try J C Whitney or  some mail order.

   The only wire you need to use is the heavy red wire, tape all others wires back into the harness.

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