Air Condition Conversion

UPDATE - January 2016,  No conversions needed, put Duracool 12A in, most cases cheaper than 134A which is never as cold as R12, and Duracool 12A is often colder.  Compressors are still very reasonable to get rebuilt.

I had converted my York Compressor to used 134A Freon . All went well , but it wasn't cold enough . So as I work in auto parts business . I started looking around for a conversion kit or something at I could use . Remember the York well Ford Mustang used it also guess what . Factory Air sell a adaptor plate that will mount on that old York mounting plate needs to be modified comes with a mounting plate for a Idler need to remove this I used a cut off wheel then  drilled 4 holes into the new mounting plate to attaches to your York plate. Know I can use rotor compressor . I used Sanyo $30.00 at pick and pull . Make sure you get one that has V belt pulley. You need to cut off you original fitting and install fitting for Sanyo Compress . There available at most air-condition shops, or they can get them for you . Cost for the adaptors fitting was less than $15.00 . The factory Air adaptor cost $55.00 from AutoZone . So for around $100.00 you got modern system .

I also added a relay that is connected to battery for high speed blower operation. This gives you almost double the out put of air on high speed. I use the relay form 1970

Old 88 to wire it for this operation .

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