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Marlin Auto Club members also build and collect scale models of Marlin cars

Phil Heitman, Durham NC  #104  (new models added Nov 2009)

The car on the top is a model of my restored Apollo Yellow 4-speed Marlin.
The one in the big case is an old slot car.  The little Corgi has been repainted to show a possible two-tone, dark blue over silver, paint scheme for my M/X.  The very little Marlins are t-jet slot cars.

You can see the semi-convertible "California Special" Marlin in the foreground.  Notice the 2x4 stacks on the engine. The windshield is yet to be attached. The white Marlin in the back is going to have a SC/Rambler scheme. The black Marlin on the right will be another M/X concept for the real car that I am building.

This is a concept of a low-buck, perhaps "local team" dragster.

This is a mid-60's NASCAR concept car.

This car is stock.....well, except for the blower and bug catcher sticking out of the hood and the side pipes.

This car is a straight axle Gasser.
White with Red Stripes
This is a model I built for a friend.  I really like this paint scheme
Possible M/X Paint
Possible M/X paint scheme
CS Marlin Prototype
A possible SC Marlin Prototype
California Special
Califonia Special
Marlin Daytona
A Daytona Marlin

A RWB paint scheme
A RWB paint scheme
A second RWB paint scheme

Kevin Wright, Sellersburg IN  #8 Erv Stevens, Grand Chute WI  #180
Kevin Wright 1965
Erv Stevens Models

Paul Straka #17 with his 1965 Marlin promo and 1965 Corge die-cast

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