Three Duces on a 327 Engine
Hi Joe,
This engine is in a 1966 Ambassador, which is the one for sale that was posted on the MAC message board and Craigs List in Tempe, AZ. 
However, just imagine this motor in a Marlin!  Look closely at the front and aft carb flanges.  They seem to be welded on as an aftermarket kit or "custom" built.  Make no mistake, this is a Rambler 327 engine, but the question is if this is a modified Rambler manifold or a modified Cadillac manifold, or whatever....but here it is on a real and functional motor, not just a concept that someone has talked about.  That's awesome!  I think it would be inspirational to our group to see it.  Maybe someone will build one for a Marlin engine!
Take care,
Phil Heitman,
2 May 2009
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