The Tahiti Marlin Concept Car
After the Chicago Auto Show the Black Marlin went back to the AMC styling studios where the interior was replaced and
the exterior was repainted with a Metal Flake Blue to become the “Tahiti” Marlin.

Until now very few people have seen these pictures. I was contacted several years ago thru Ebay by a gentleman that questioned my Ebay name, which by the way is "Marlin-Tahiti". And he wanted to know if my name had anything to do with Tahiti show car. He then went on to tell me when he was a young man growing up in the Chicago area he would go to the auto show every year and that he had some pictures I may be interested in. I had forgotten about these pictures until I was just recently going thru all the documentation that we have with the Tahiti. These three pictures were taken during the 65 and 66 Chicago Auto Show. Enjoy!

  Jim Vagg, October 2018

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