Marlin / AMC Show Springfield, Ohio May 29th, 2010

We had 38 AMCs with 11 Marlins at the show - all indoors.  Kevin Wright won Marlin Best of Show with his 65 Marlin.  Others attending the show were: Sam Roth with his 66 Marlin, Patti Johanan with her 65 Marlin, Marlin Smith with his 65 Marlin, Jim Patterson with a 70 Rebel, Jeff & Kim with a 69 Ambassador, Dave Renwand with a 73 Javelin AMX, Jim MeLeae with a 77 Matador, Ron & Donna Heldermen with a 63 Rambler American, and Don Oakley winning the Don Childs award with his 57 Rambler Custom.   This show was held inconjunction with the Ohio swap meep on a 126-acre show field. It was jammed with hundreds of cars for sale, lots of indoor and outdoor vendors selling parts and accessories.  It is a great place for the AMC Marlin Show.  Hundreds of people walk thru and liked the cars. 

I would like to say thanks to Chuck & Rosie Hughes and to all that helped with the show.  Troy Gill

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Marlin Row
Marlin Row

If someone has more pictures send to Joe Howard